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How to get PBN as a real source of marketing?

You might have heard a lot about the magic of 21pbn, and this is true to some extent but many people have also faced a lot of bad consequences because of the usage of such a service. This is a grey hat service and of proper tactics are not used in this regard, nothing good can be achieved. You have to be really cautious if you want to maintain a good repute with Google. This cannot be obtained without giving consideration to some of the factors. Like we all know for 21 PBN, separatehosting should be obtained tolook more natural. Similarly a hosting from cheap service providers should not be obtained because most of the private blog network serviceproviders take cheap services and it gets easier for Google to get to them. You should take these services from well reputed hosting service providers with good reputation. Another thing on which main focus should be done is the site structure of all the blogs maintained in the network. Why site structure is of so much importance? If Google knows that a site is maintained just to provide backlinks to other sites it would cancel and blacklist such a website. Therefore, in order to look more natural you have to select the proper and different themes for all the websites in the network.

Website structure:

It should not be all same for the websites in a network. These should be well and properly designed. In short, these should look like they are money generating websites and not the websites that are helping other sites to generate money. Whether you are running private blog networking for your business or the business of your client, site dynamics are same for both the reasons and you should focus on this matter to get the best possible results.

July 11, 2019